The main goal of any drainage system is to collect water and direct it to the proper drainage location. Without a sufficient drainage system, drainage problems can cause damage to your home’s foundation, your lawn, and your landscaping. An effective drainage system will eliminate drainage problems and help prevent future water problems.


As a licensed, registered and fully insured general contractor, we offer the full range of construction services for repairing all structural damage, from minor repairs to reconstructing heavily damaged buildings.


Your home’s foundation, walls and rooftop make up your building envelope. We have a long history of working within and around Springfield, MO and other surrounding areas. Because we’re locals, our crew understands your needs for a sound structure. If you’re concerned about your foundation, walls or other household area, 417-761-1814 is a step in the right direction.


Whether your structure will be affected by rainwater, groundwater or contaminates contained within the ground soil Fosroc can provide system solutions to meet these demands.


Most homes have at least one area of excessive moisture and it's usually out of sight. Small leaks, condensation, and periodic flooding can go unnoticed but are a very attractive environment for pests.

Mark Four Contracting, LLC can identify these areas and change the environment that draws pests into your home.


Often the best answer for a challenging subfloor is a self-leveling compound. Instead of demolishing, cracked, uneven substrates made of concrete, gypsum, wood and other materials can be covered with Mark Four Contracting, LLC self-leveling compounds.